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We want your event to go off without a hitch. Our cheese trays are made in Mildmay, so we recommend ordering 3 business days in advance if you wish to pick up at our Port Elgin location. Feel free to request your favourite cheese or meats!

Cheese Trays

cheese tray.png

The cost of a cheese tray depends on the weight. Certain customizations can also affect the price. For example, including some of our 19 year cheddar would raise the cost of a tray. 

Small Tray (Serves 15-20 people)

All Cheese   -   $52.50 - $60.25

With Crackers    -   $35.50 - $41.00


Medium Tray (Serves 40-50 people) 

All Cheese   -   $75.00 - $85.00

With Crackers   -   $55.00 - $60.00

Large Tray (Serves 75 people) 

All Cheese    -   $111.25 - $121.25

With Crackers   -   $74.75 - $81.75

Nut & Candy Trays

Nut & candy trays come in small (12 in.) and large (16 in.) sizes. Each size has seven sections. Prices vary depending on the contents of the tray, but can be customized to suit your budget.  


Local Ice


Ice is a popular item at the Cheese Haus! We carry small and large 50 lb. bags, which are common with weddings and stag & does. Bulk prices are available too, just give us a call 3 days in advance so we can save it for you. 

Small - $3.00 each

2-9 bags- $2.75 each

Bulk (10 or more bags) - $2.25 each

Large - $15.00 each

Bulk (5 or more bags) - $13.50 each



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